Heavy Events

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The Grampian Highland Games Glenfiddoch Qualifying Heavy Events will start at 11am.

The Open Heavy Events will start at 1.30pm.

Heavy Events include:

Putting The Stone – A 16lb or 22lb stone which is putt with one hand only from in front of the shoulders.

Throwing The Hammer – The sphere of the hammer weighs either 16lb or 22lb and has a wooden shaft measuring 4’2″ overall.  The hammer is swung around the thrower’s head to gain momentum and is realeased, throwing straight off behind the thrower!

Throwing The Weight For Distance – A 28lb sphere on a chain with a handle at the end.  The thrower swings the weight to the side then behind him, he waltzes around and on the third turn heaves the weight round and throws it as far as he can.

Tossing The Caber – A tree trunk weighing approximately 150lb and about 18′ long.  The caber is lifted and the length rests on the throwers shoulder.  With a fast run then sharp stop, the thrower tosses the end he is holding into the air so it lands pointing away from him

Taking Part

All competitors in open events must be aged 16 years or over on day of event.

Full competition rules available on the Royal Scottish Highland Games Association website



Records & Events

Young Heavies (Grampian Games Qualifying)

Event Record Holder Year Record
Light Hammer Kyle Randalls 2015 184′ 7″
Light Shot D Dowson;
B Robb
2003 48′ 11″
28lb Weight for Distance Kyle Randalls 2009 70′ 3″
42lb Weight for Height Kyle Randalls 2003 18′


Event Record Holder Year Record
16lb Shot Putt Lucas Wenta 2019 52′ 8″
22lb Shot Putt Lorn Colthart 2015 40′ 6″
28lb Weight for Distance Kyle Randalls 2011 71′ 5″
56lb Weight for Height Leigh Bruce 2011 15′ 3″
16lb Hammer Bruce Aitken 2008 142′ 1″
22lb Hammer Bruce Aitken 2008 134′